Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Make Flip-Flop Lamp with LED

Make the LED light flashes or Flip-Flop was very easy.

I've only seen the beginning of the video tutorials on the Internet which only uses one red LED and a yellow LED then I think to make a series of Simple Flip-Flop, which is just put on some component which is not hard to find ..

The series of images Lights Flip-Flop

 Picture Layout Lights Flip-Flop

Components in use:

1. IC NE555
2. 2200 microfarad capacitor
3. 120 Ohm Resistor
4. jumper cable to
5. Red & Green LED
6. PCB board

NE555 IC can be obtained at the Electronic Store, IC is extremely easy to find, cheap prices also.

CAPACITORS can wear a smaller size is an important value of the capacitor is greater than the value of resistors, capacitors can affect the use of fast slow lamp Wink, suppose that in this circuit using a 1100 microfarad capacitor then the lights will blink faster, and if the use of smaller capacitors more value then the light will not blink, but it will light up.
n this video I used a 100 microfarad capacitor so Wink that produced very quickly ..

RESISTOR 120 ohm or smaller, it does not matter but must be balanced with capacitors.

JUMPER CABLES used to connect the circuit, because of the layout that I created requires a jumper to connect to another line.

LEDs are not required to use only red or green but any color, can also use the light Boklam but will wear a larger voltage.

PCB BOARDS used to create a layout that will dissolve it first in

Step-by-step creation1. circuit to a PCB Layout drawing with permanent markers, then the solution Dissolve Feriklorida, then Clean the PCB board by Tiner / Gasoline and the rinse with water until clean.

2. Holes in the PCB board with a hand drill or drill small, just a hole that had the mark alone. and see if there is a line that blends what not, if there is use a drill or other sharp instrument to remove the lines which converge.

3. Pairs of components to the PCB board, do not forget to pay attention not to reverse the IC legs, and attach the jumper cables as well if necessary.

4. after all components and all are solder attached jumper cables neatly, remember to use a soldering Solder IC 40 -50 watts.

5. connect the positive and negative kebel with Adaptor 220 V, because we will use a DC current.

6. Adaptor to set the position of 3-12 V, but use the 3 Volt will suffice.

7. consider whether the lights blink fast or slow, if it means changing to fast kapasor lenih who value large or replace with a smaller capacitor.

Video Tutorial flip-Flop lights
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